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Monitoring System


Our system makes it possible to monitor real-time and distance electricity consumption and everything contained therein. Avoid paying fines for exceeding demand, low power factor or excessive consumption during peak hours. Contact us for more information.


Load Management Software

Combat Losses | Energy Balance | Energy quality

Cloud monitoring.
Data history.
Integrated with multiple meters.
Friendly and easy to use interface.
High performance.


All information in one place

The platform visually and intuitively provides the main indicators of the electrical system, they are:

Voltage of phases A, B, C;

Currents of phases A, B, C;

Phases of apparent power A, B, C;

Active power phases A, B, C;

Reactive power phases A, B, C;

Power factor A, B, C;

Frequency of the network;

Demand consumed;

Energy consumption per hour;

Total energy consumed;

Total energy generated.


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Contact Information

Phone: (55) 99620-2369 or (55) 98125-7272


Address: Av. Roraima, 1000 - Ed. 02- Room 23 Camobi, Santa Maria - RS, 97105-900

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