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Fox IoT is a company from Santa Maria - RS that operates in the Electricity market, with intelligent monitoring solutions for transformers and distribution networks with a focus on combating losses, power quality and efficiency of the system as a whole. It also helps large consumers to understand their consumption profile and to reduce their expenses with electricity. It has proprietary technology and the ability to develop hardware and software to know the demands of the sector.

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shield lora.png

The Fox Lora Shield is a long-range transceiver in the form of a Raspberry shield.
Lora Shield allows the user to send data over long distances with low data rates and low power consumption.
It can send text or binary data between two or hundreds of modules. It is perfect for creating cost-effective wireless long-range networks for home automation and more.


Frequency range: 137-1020 MHz;
Scattering factor: 6-12;
Bandwidth: 7.8-500kHz;
Effective Bit Rate: 0.18-37.5 kbps;
Estimated sensitivity: -111 to -148 dBm;
uFL connector;

shield lora com rasp.png


Gateways are elements that connect devices to the network server on a LoRaWAN network. The Fox IoT mono channel gateway has an RX / TX link with integrated Wi-Di 2.4 GHz internet.


Power supply: DC 5 ~ 9V

Range greater than 1 km with field of view.

Network topology: Estrela

Frequency band: 915.2 to 927.2 MHz

Channels: 1 channel for upstream of (0-63)

Adaptive Data Rate

Channel width: 125 kHz

Total generated energy

Transmission Power: +20 dBm

Reception Sensitivity: -148 dBm

gateway monocanal.png

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Fox IoT - Smart Grids
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Fone: (55) 99620-2369 or (55) 98125-7272


Endereço: Av. Roraima, 1000 - Ed. 02- Sala 23 Camobi, Santa Maria - RS, 97105-900

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