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Actuation Area

Meters for Energy Utilities

FX-D240 meter specially developed for monitoring electrical grids of energy utilities.

Meter for industrial customers

FX-E240 meter specially developed for real-time monitoring of energy consumption by large consumers

Remote monitoring

Our meters provide real-time monitoring of electrical grids, being able to identify energy losses, providing efficiency and energy savings.

Dispositivos Inteligentes
Smart Grids

Hardware capable of monitoring assets and electrical networks in real time, allowing performance and control.

Our Soluctions

Smart Trafo.png

Smart Power Dristribution Transf.

FX-D240 meter specially developed for monitoring electrical networks of energy distributors. It is installed in distribution transformers and allows remote and real-time monitoring in order to reduce energy losses and leakages. It has wireless communication and avoids wiring costs.

Software de monitoramento

Monitoring System

Our system makes it possible to monitor real-time and distance electricity consumption and everything involved in it. Avoid paying fines for exceeding demand, inadequate power factor or excessive consumption during peak hours. Contact us for more information.

Quem somos

The Fox IoT


Fox IoT is a company from Santa Maria - RS that operates in the Electricity market, with intelligent monitoring solutions for transformers and distribution networks with a focus on combating losses, power quality and efficiency of the system as a whole. It also helps large consumers to understand their consumption profile and to reduce their expenses with electricity. It has proprietary technology and the ability to develop hardware and software to meet the demands of the sector.


Fox IoT - Smart Grids
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Contact Information

Phone: (55) 99620-2369 or (55) 98125-7272


Address: Av. Roraima, 1000 - Ed. 02- Room 23 Camobi, Santa Maria - RS, 97105-900

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